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Claremont Adult School

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****FALL classes begin august 22,2022**** FOR class INFORMATION and to register for an appointment,  Click on the Orientation & CAsas Testing link. Additional questions regarding cte classes or enrollment. Please contact Career center (909)398-0609 ext. 40003

Our Mission


Claremont Adult School provides a diverse curriculum that educates and empowers the lives of adults in our community with emphasis on the success of every student.




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Claremont Adult School Advanced ESL class
A message from Felipe Delvasto (Senior Coordinator of Alternative Ed)

Welcome to the Claremont Adult School homepage! Claremont Adult School is dedicated to delivering a high quality and effective adult education program for adults within the community of Claremont and surrounding cities. Even though our programs have been drastically reduced due to budget constraints, we are still able to provide educational services to 645 adults.

I invite you to stop by for a brochure or browse our online catalog to see what classes we offer. You will find something for everyone to enjoy. There are also a variety of courses that allow students to enroll at any time during the semester (like our High School Diploma program, HISET Test Preparation course, and other fee based classes) but please check with our office for more details.



Our Programs

Claremont Adult School offers a variety of educational programs for adults. It serves  645 adults, and currently offers virtual classes for High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Preparation course (HiSet), English as a Second Language, Citizenship and Career and Technical Education. 

Additional Information 

English as a Second Language and Unitied States Citizenship Preparation class are both offered synchronous which means that the class is scheduled at a certain time.

High School Diploma is offered as asynchronous which mean it is 100% online.

HiSet Preparation course is being offered synchronous.

Career and Technical Education is being offered synchronous and asynchronous.

Certificated Programs

Claremont Adult School offers  Career and Technical Education.  Certificated Technical programs to help the growth of our local community.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
CAS Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Problem Solvers who:
 Identify a need, evaluate options, and pursue their goals.
 Confidently approach new situations with creative and critical thinking skills.
 Are flexible in new situations.
 Manage personal and finance resources skillfully.
Critical Thinkers who:
 Set specific, achievable goals.
 Take initiative to acquire new skills and knowledge.
 Attain skills and knowledge to become employable.
Effective communicators who:
 Improve reading, writing, listening, speaking, and technological skills.
 Interact with others effectively and responsibly across all forms of communication.

General Information

Students must be 18 years of age or older and not attending regular high school to attend Claremont Adult School.

ADULT SCHOOL FUNDING: Claremont Adult School is affiliated with Claremont Unified School District and funded by the California Department of Education, separately from the district's General Fund. Our Adult School program is self-supporting and does not negatively impact the General Fund of the district. Even though the state does not fund adult classes by students' cities of residence (as it promotes the lifelong learning of all adults) certain cuts in funding at the state level have made us charge fees for some classes when allowed by law. For more information please read The board adopted fee policy.

ASYNCHRONOUS: High School Diploma program offers courses that are 100% online, which mean you may access online activities at your own convenience.

SYNCHRONOUS: Is online or distance education that happens in real time, often with a set class schedule and required login times.

ENROLLMENT: Claremont Adult School classes are open to all adults in Claremont and surrounding communities. There may be some instances where priority will be given to Claremont residents, but in most cases all interested students can be accommodated in our classes. Lastly, Claremont Adult School does not enroll students who are still in a comprehensive or continuation high school program or students under 18 years of age.

TEXTBOOKS AND SUPPLIES: For most courses students will provide their own textbooks or supplies. Information regarding the purchase of these items will be available by the instructor on the first day of class.

CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION: Not all classes issue certificates of completion. If they are issued they will be at the discretion of the instructor if you provided satisfactory scholarship and maintained at least 80% attendance in the class.

CLASS SIZES: Class size may be limited due to size of a facility or nature of a class. The director reserves the right to make the final decision on student placement in classes if necessary. All classes and fees are subject to change.

REFUNDS: There are no refunds unless a class is cancelled. All fees are due at the time of registration.

Please Note, Children are not Allowed in our Classrooms
(excluding parents whose children are attending our Parent Education Pre-School classes)

OTHER POLICIES: In compliance with Federal law, the Board of Education of the Claremont Unified School District has adopted policies and procedures with regards to:

  1. Uniform Complaint Procedures for Addressing Alleged Violation of Specific Federal and State Programs (Adult Basic Education) (Policy 1140)
  2. Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment of all persons in the educational setting is prohibited (Title VII, IX) (Ed. Code 212.6) (District Policy 4163)
  3. Tobacco: Use of tobacco on school district grounds is prohibited (Policy 4111)
  4. American Disabilities Act (ADA): Claremont Unified School District complies with all federal regulations.