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Employee Health and Welfare Benefits for 2022

If you have questions regarding benefits, please contact Paola Barrios at 909-398-0617 or

These documents provide a general overview of CUSD benefits. For health benefits coverage, employees should use the MyVEBA link below for detailed and up-to-date information on plans.


CUSD Benefit Coverage Overview

These documents provide an overview explanation of all benefits for employees:

Certificated Definition of Benefits

Classified Definition of Benefits


CUSD Health Benefit Providers and Plans

These documents provide detailed information on CUSD health plans:

Side by Side Overview of All Plan

United Health Care HMO Plan

United Health Care Harmony Plan

Kaiser Plan




VEBA has created a comprehensive and easy to use website that contains extensive CUSD plan information, resources and assistance for CUSD employees. Staff will be able to find the answer to EVERY question at this website and also have virtual and live assistance from VEBA should it be needed. Please click on the link below to visit the NEW VEBA website.


Or you can get to the website with this QR Code :  This is a QR Code to access the MyVeba website.


Plan Rate Information:

Below are links to the CUSD plan's rates, broken down by staff's Full Time Equivalent (FTE). These sheets can be used to calculate the cost of a percentage of premium paid by a part time employee for benefit's coverage:

United Health Care HMO

United Health Care Harmony

United Healthcare PPO

Kaiser HMO

Delta Dental

Delta Care

Medical Eye Services